The Bosnian Genocide

In 1995 8372 men and boys were murdered in Srebrenica simply because of their faith. As the United Nations watched a Bosnian Serb army unleashed a campaign of genocidal atrocities against Muslim civilians in Bosnia. Learn more about the genocide in Bosnia by looking at the PowerPoint and answering the questions in the knowledge check.
Where is Bosnia?
South East Europe
South America
South East Africa
South East Asia
What were the main groups of people who lived in Bosnia?
Serbs, Croats and Muslims
Welsh, Scots, English and Americans
Germans, Austrians and French
Croats, Slovaks and Czechs
Who was the Bosnian Serb leader who had a leading role in the genocide in Bosnia?
Radovan Milosevic
Radovan Karadžić
Ratko Mladic
Ratko Milosevic
What did leading Bosnian Serb politician Biljana Plavšić call Bosnian Muslims to dehumanise them?
Genetically deformed material
Our brothers and sisters
Rats and vermin
Cows and dogs
What did the Bosnian Serb ‘Six Strategic Objectives’ plan want to achieve?
A territory without any Muslims in it
A territory where different groups could live together
A territory with many Muslims living where they had lived for centuries
Omarska was something that the Bosnian Serbs set up. What was it?
A school
A concentration camp
A hospital
A sports complex
How many men and boys were murdered in Srebrenica in July 1995?
What did the Bosnian Serbs make non-Serbs in Prijidor put outside their houses to make them stand out?
Green trousers
Red t-shirts
Blue hats
White cloths or flags
What did the United Nations promise that Srebrenica would be?
Left unprotected
A safe haven
Given to the Bosnian Serbs
Amongst others who was convicted of genocide after the terrible events at Srebrenica?
Ratko Mladic
Radovan Milosevic
Slobodan Mladic
Ratko Milosevic
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